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Order A Knox Box

Directions for purchasing a Knox Box within Kittitas Valley Fire & Rescue jurisdiction.


  1. Go to, and then click on Choose your local fire department agency.


  2. Enter Washington and Kittitas Valley Fire & Rescue in the appropriate boxes and hit “Search”.



  3. Select the appropriate option based on use.


  4. Select “Products”, and then select the appropriate type of device.




  5. Select the required Knox Box based on use and mounting style.


  6. Example of a standard surface mount KnoxBox 3200




  7. Enter your business name, address, and select “Submit”.


  8. Confirm order information, including correct department “Kittitas Valley Fire & Rescue”, then select “Add to Cart”. KnoxBox will then send us a notification for authorization. Once we authorize your request. You will receive notification and you proceed to checkout. Your order will be shipped to your address entered previously. The KnoxBox will arrive unlocked, ready for installation. Install the box in the KVFR preapproved location, if you have not received an approved location, contact Once the box is installed and you have the appropriate facility keys to be placed in the box, contact us and we will come and lock the box.

Contact Information

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Administrative Office & Mailing Address: 400 E. Mountain View Ave, Ellensburg WA 98926

Phone: 509.933.7231

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To volunteer with KVFR give us a call at: (509) 933-7231